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COS offers professional weekly mowing services to keep your property looking beautiful all summer long. We provide the customer service and dependability you need while maintaining the beautiful lawn you or your business deserves.


With the changing seasons, COS performs Fall/Spring clean-ups in order to keep your property clean for the upcoming weather changes. We blow all leaves and debris off of your property and remove them with our vacs. This service saves you the headache of preparing for the growing season and allows the lawn to breathe all winter long.


Let COS create the lush green lawn that you have always dreamed of. With our 4-step fertilizer program, we can transform your lawn into the healthy turf you want and have your home or business looking amazing. Our high quality granular fertilizer will slowly feed your root system all summer long!



COS can help you with your lawn repair. We have experience laying sod, seeding, and fixing those dead or dry spots. Allow our professional lawn technicians to get your property looking the way it should! Give us a call for a free consultation!  


COS has Certified Irrigation Contractors (CIC), that will provide you with industry leading water management service and systems. Our Irrigation specialists will help you yield the healthiest lawn possible while delivering water cost savings.


At COS, we are on a mission to help every-one of our clients achieve the weedless lawn they deserve. Have COS use our liquid weed control product that will kill off dandelions, crabgrass, creeping charlie, and other pesky lawn weeds, without damaging your turf root systems.

Weed Control


Lawn aeration and dethatching are two great ways that you can improve the overall health of your lawn. Lawn aeration is a process that pulls 3" plugs out of the ground and allows the lawn to breathe fully. Dethatching is typically done in the spring and is performed using our power rakes. 


We offer full service trimming and pruning services to all of our clients in order to keep their property looking immaculate. Our professional technicians will trim your trees, bushes, hedges, and any other plants that may need attention.

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